Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's Up!

The Ostrich by Jennifer Leigh

The caring father watches the eggs
So mother can go off and stretch her legs
When the chicks hatch out - there is such a noise
But no one can tell the girls from the boys

When the males grow up their feathers are black
With snowy white ones showing through a crack
The female's are a dull grey brown
All ostrich feathers feel like silky down.

The largest bird in the world so wide.
With very strong legs and a leather hide
Although he can't fly - he runs with much power
Yet can gently shelter his young from a shower.
He digs a hole with his toe like a hoof
With his feathered wings he makes them a roof

If there is something he want's to avoid
Rather than letting himself get annoyed
What does he do - this very strange bird?
He buries his head in a hole - how absurd!
Or is it?

Source: An Interesting Site

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