Saturday, August 16, 2008


Is this a baby raccoon?

We found it outside our home, one evening, crying out loudly. We looked around to find any bigger version of this animal (it's mum/dad/uncles/aunts) but didn't find any. So, we wrapped it in blankets and bought inside our home. It was quivering quite violently. So, we put it inside the box and having no idea what it was, we tried to make it drink water and eat some lettuce/grapes (of course without any avail). A telephone call to the wildlife office informed us that it could be a raccoon and we would be better be careful as it could attack us. Of course that evening we didn't believe the officer and caressed the little fella and tried to make it as comfortable as possible with blankets and sheets and waters and all sorts of fruits and vegetables. But came morning and lo and behold it showed it's true form. That is why I called him/her Snarly.

Raccoon, Raccoon
by Pam Miller

Raccoon, raccoon,
Up in a tree,
Raccoon, Raccoon,
You can't see me.
Raccoon, raccoon,
I can see you
Eating fish and corn and birds' eggs too.
Raccoon, raccoon,
Hunting at night,
Raccoon, raccoon,
Sleeps in daylight.

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can't see the photo :/

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